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This page is used to update customers and potential customers on product status. For instance, plans for reprints, the release of new items, and any delays in printing or shipping will all be documented here. If you have any questions or concerns, please check this page before sending an email through the Contact page. Thank you.

TUESDAY, APRIL 27th, 2010

Reprint: Lady Gaga x Black Flag

After a successful initial run, there has been a very high demand for more Lady Gaga x Black Flag t-shirts. Ask and ye shall receive; they are now available for the second (and last) time. They are also available on tank tops for a limited time only. And for those that hate white shirts, black tees and tanks are up as well! Order now or forever hold your peace.

Leftovers: Seinfeld x Black Flag

There is a very, very small number of white Seinfeld x Black Flag t-shirts leftover from the initial run. Four smalls and two mediums are available right now, but hurry, because they'll go quick!